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Microsoft Outlook Autodiscover

Weil ich selber gerade mit Troubleshooting beschäftigt bin und deshalb noch mal überlegen musste, wie Outlook die Autoermittlung nutzt, hier kurz die Reihenfolge:

1.       Automatically retrieve e-mail address from Active Directory if domain joined machine.

2.       Retrieve Exchange Server name if found and store for later.

3.       Look for SCP objects or SCP pointer objects that correspond to user’s e-mail address, and find the correct Autodiscover server to connect to; then connect and retrieve settings.

4.       If previous step fails, attempt DNS discovery of Autodiscover XML (allowing for 10 redirects).

a.       HTTPS POST: https://DOMAIN/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

b.      HTTPS POST: https://autodiscover.DOMAIN/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

c.       HTTP GET: http://autodiscover.DOMAIN/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml (only to follow redirects, not to get settings)

d.      DNS SRV lookup: _autodiscover._tcp.DOMAIN (only to follow the redirect the SRV record points to)

5.       If previous step fails, attempt local XML discovery and use XML found on the local machine if applicable.

6.       If previous step fails but an Exchange Server name is found in step 2, configure Exchange account based on Exchange Server name.

7.       If previous step is not applicable, attempt Common Settings Discover, as described in the next section.

Des Weiteren gilt für Exchange Server vor Version 2007:

In an Exchange environment that does not include Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or later, Outlook still attempts to locate Exchange mailboxes. Active Directory includes a mailbox server property that can be set for each user. If standard Autodiscover attempts fail, Outlook tries to configure simple Exchange connections to an earlier version of Exchange server by using the Exchange mailbox server property. For a simple server topology with one domain and all Outlook computers joined to the domain, Outlook queries Active Directory for the Exchange server defined for the user logged in to the computer.

Übrigens hilft zur Diagnose (gerade auch für Microsoft Office 365) die Remoteverbindungsuntersuchung für Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer)!


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